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Sadism and masochism beneath a veneer of revenge. Lou Ford is a mild-mannered sheriff’s deputy in a Texas oil town in the mid 1950′s. His boss sends him to roust a prostitute living in a rural house. She slaps him; he hits her, then, after daily sex for the next few weeks, he decides it’s love. She’s devoted to him and becomes his pawn in a revenge plot she thinks is to shakedown the son of Chester Conway, the town’s wealthy king of construction. Lou has a different plan, and bodies pile up as murder leads to murder. The district attorney suspects Lou, and Conway may have an inkling, but Lou stays cool. Is love, or at least peace, in the cards?


The Killer Inside Me (2010) movie details:


TITLE The Killer Inside Me
YEAR 2010
DIRECTORS Michael Winterbottom
WRITERS John Curran
Jim Thompson
CAST Casey Affleck
Kate Hudson
Jessica Alba
Ned Beatty
Elias Koteas
Tom Bower
Simon Baker
Bill Pullman
Brent Briscoe
Matthew Maher
Liam Aiken
Jay R. Ferguson
Ali Nazary
Blake Lindsley
Zach Josse
Noah Crawford
Blake Brigham
Caitlin Turner
Michael Gibbons
Rosa Pasquarella
Arletta Knight Fink
Jed Fox
Donna E. Jones
Russell Stewart
Jon Bielich
Phillip Borghee
Brett Bower
Jeremy Castaldo
Heather Cates
Lori Lynne Cross
STARS Casey Affleck
Kate Hudson
Jessica Alba
Ned Beatty
Elias Koteas
PRODUCERS Lilly Bright
Chad Burris
Anna Croneman
Andrew Eaton
Tomas Eskilsson
Jordan Gertner
Chris Hanley
Susan Kirr
Alan Liebert
Randy Mendelsohn
Tom Ritchie
Bradford L. Schlei
Tara Subkoff
Fernando Sulichin
Tricia van Klaveren
MUSICIANS Joel Cadbury
Melissa Parmenter
EDITORS Mags Arnold
RELEASE_DATE 8 June 2010
PLOT A West Texas deputy sheriff is slowly unmasked as a psychotic killer.


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