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Touchback (2011) Storyline

On the game winning play of the biggest game of his life, the best High School Football player in the nation injures his knee and destroys his dreams of a college and professional career. But fifteen years later, he receives the opportunity of a lifetime: the chance to go back and change history.

Touchback (2011) movie details:

TITLE Touchback
YEAR 2011
DIRECTORS Don Handfield
WRITERS Don Handfield
CAST Brian Presley
Kurt Russell
Melanie Lynskey
Marc Blucas
Christine Lahti
Sarah Wright
Drew Powell
Steve Turner
Kevin Covais
James Duval
Sianoa Smit-McPhee
Barry Sanders
Austin Ross
Jacquelyn Evola
Ella Anderson
Justin P. Calkins
Alicia Clark
David Scott Diaz
Brian Elles
Mark Robert Ellis
Melanie Fawn
Harrison Flechsig
Charlie Glackin
Johnathan Robert Hart
Lawrence Leach
Linda Linsley
David Lowing
Michelle Melpolder
Bryan Price
Rocky Rector
STARS Brian Presley
Kurt Russell
Melanie Lynskey
Marc Blucas
Christine Lahti
PRODUCERS Brandt Andersen
Derek Beumer
Martin Blencowe
Carissa Buffel
Ryan Bundra
Michael Corso
Rob Cowan
Patricia Eberle
Matthew Fladell
Ted Fox
George Furla
Gus Furla
Shannon Gardner
Adam Griffin
Brandon Grimes
Todd Grossman
Anthony Gudas
Lisa Kearns
Alexandria Klipstein
Kevin Matusow
Brian Presley
Richard Rionda Del Castro
Scott Robinson
Lara Wickes
MUSICIANS William Ross
EDITORS Debbie Berman
Ryan Eaton
RELEASE_DATE 13 April 2012
TAGLINE Would you give up everything you love for a shot at everything you’ve ever wanted?
PLOT A man looks back 15 years to the injury that ended his career as a promising high-school football player.



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