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When high school senior Taylin and her boyfriend Kevin tell Taylin’s mother Sasha they’re pregnant, Sasha wants Taylin to give the baby up for adoption. Confused and frustrated, Taylin decides to seek the advice of pregnancy counselor Chloe. What Taylin doesn’t know is that Chloe has wanted a baby for quite some time and unable to have one of her own, is willing to do the unthinkable to take the one Taylin is carrying…


Locked Away (2010) Movie Details:


TITLE Locked Away
YEAR 2010
DIRECTORS Doug Campbell
WRITERS Christine Conradt
Ken Sanders
CAST Jean Louisa Kelly
Kirsten Prout
Paula Trickey
Jake Thomas
Cynthia Preston
Mark Weiler
Marielle Jaffe
Jill Klopp
Veralyn Jones
Heather Ballentine
Michelle Noh
Kristin Lindquist
Tracy Martin
Brittany Beaudry
Jenifer Cononico
Christopher Kriesa
Eder López
Christine Conradt
STARS Jean Louisa Kelly
Kirsten Prout
Paula Trickey
Jake Thomas
Cynthia Preston
PRODUCERS Robert Ballo
Johnson Chan
Christine Conradt
Kevin Goetz
Douglas Howell
David Japka
Vincent Reppert
Ken Sanders
MUSICIANS Richard Bowers
RELEASE_DATE 6 September 2010
PLOT A high school senior seeks help from a pregnancy counselor who exploits the situation for her own gain.


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