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A convert to Islam sends the U.S. government a tape showing him in three nondescript storage rooms, each of which may contain a nuclear bomb set to detonate in less than a week. Helen Brody, an FBI agent in L.A., is tasked with finding the bombs while a CIA “consultant,” known as H, interrogates the suspect who has allowed himself to be caught. The suspect, whose wife and children have left him and disappeared, seems to know exactly what the interrogation will entail. Even as H ratchets up the pressure, using torture over Brody’s objection, the suspect doesn’t crack. Should H do the unthinkable, and will Brody acquiesce? Is any Constitutional principle worth possible loss of life?


Unthinkable (2010) movie details:


TITLE Unthinkable
YEAR 2010
DIRECTORS Gregor Jordan
WRITERS Peter Woodward
CAST Samuel L. Jackson
Carrie-Anne Moss
Michael Sheen
Stephen Root
Lora Kojovic
Martin Donovan
Gil Bellows
Vincent Laresca
Brandon Routh
Joshua Harto
Holmes Osborne
Michael Rose
Randy Oglesby
Benito Martinez
Sasha Roiz
Dayo Ade
Yara Shahidi
Sayeed Shahidi
Necar Zadegan
Jillian Bruno
Coby Seyrafi
Chris McGarry
Angela Martinez
David E. Willis
Geoff Meed
Kirk B.R. Woller
Kelly Vaughn
Bill A. Jones
Phil Somerville
Austin Nichols
STARS Samuel L. Jackson
Carrie-Anne Moss
Michael Sheen
Stephen Root
Lora Kojovic
PRODUCERS Caldecot Chubb
Vince Cirrincione
Vanessa Coifman
Samson Mucke
Bill Perkins
Rachel Rose
Marco Weber
MUSICIANS Graeme Revell
EDITORS Scott Chestnut
RELEASE_DATE 26 May 2010
TAGLINE Right and Wrong no longer exist
PLOT A psychological thriller centered around a black-ops interrogator and an FBI agent who press a suspect terrorist into divulging the location of three nuclear weapons set to detonate in the U.S.


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