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A man finds out that what you don’t say to a friend is just as important as what you do is this story of how far you can bend a brotherly bond before it snaps. Since college, confirmed bachelor Ronny (Vaughn) and happily married Nick (James) have been through thick and thin. Now partners in an auto design firm, the two pals are vying to land a dream project that would launch their company. Ronny’s girlfriend, Beth (Connelly), and Nick’s wife, Geneva (Ryder), are by their sides. But Ronny’s world is turned upside down when he inadvertently sees Geneva out with another man and makes it his mission to get answers. As the amateur investigation dissolves into mayhem, he learns that Nick has a few secrets of his own. Now, with the clock ticking and pressure mounting on the biggest presentation of their careers, Ronny must decide what will happen if he reveals the truth to his best friend.

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TITLE The Dilemma
YEAR 2011
WRITERS Allan Loeb
STARS Vince Vaughn
Kevin James
Winona Ryder
CAST Vince Vaughn
Kevin James
Jennifer Connelly
Winona Ryder
Channing Tatum
Queen Latifah
Amy Morton
Chelcie Ross
Eduardo N. Martinez
Rance Howard
Clint Howard
Guy Van Swearingen
Troy West
Laura Whyte
Grace Rex
ALSO_KNOWN_AS El dilema = Argentina (imdb display title) / Colombia (imdb display title) / Mexico (imdb display title)
Dilema = Lithuania (imdb display title) / Slovenia (imdb display title)
O Dilema = Brazil (imdb display title) / Portugal (imdb display title)
Да кажа или да не кажа? = Bulgaria (Bulgarian title)
Дилемма = Russia
¡Qué dilema! = Spain (imdb display title)
A dilemma = Hungary (imdb display title)
Cheaters = USA (working title)
Cum s-o dai sa fie bine? = Romania (imdb display title)
Dickste Freunde = Germany (imdb display title)
Ha’dilemma = Israel (alternative spelling) (Hebrew title)
Il dilemma = Italy (imdb display title)
Le Dilemme = France (imdb display title)
Le dilemme = Belgium (imdb display title) (French title)
Paha paikka = Finland (imdb display title)
Sekrety i grzeszki = Poland (imdb display title)
To dilimma = Greece (imdb display title)
Untitled Vince Vaughn Project = USA (working title)
What You Don’t Know = USA (working title)
Yaman Çeliski = Turkey (imdb display title) (Turkish title)
Your Cheating Heart = USA (working title)
USA_TITLE Your Cheating Heart
RELEASE_DATE 14 January 2011
RELEASE_DATES New Zealand = 13 January 2011
Canada = 14 January 2011
Japan = 14 January 2011
USA = 14 January 2011
Egypt = 19 January 2011
Greece = 20 January 2011
United Arab Emirates = 20 January 2011
Ireland = 21 January 2011
Latvia = 21 January 2011
Lithuania = 21 January 2011
UK = 21 January 2011
Bosnia and Herzegovina = 27 January 2011
Croatia = 27 January 2011
Germany = 27 January 2011
Hungary = 27 January 2011
Montenegro = 27 January 2011
Russia = 27 January 2011
Serbia = 27 January 2011
Slovenia = 27 January 2011
Iceland = 28 January 2011
Kuwait = 3 February 2011
Netherlands = 3 February 2011
Belgium = 16 February 2011
Portugal = 24 February 2011
Bulgaria = 11 March 2011
Malaysia = 17 March 2011
Singapore = 17 March 2011
Israel = 24 March 2011
Finland = 25 March 2011
Panama = 8 April 2011
France = 11 May 2011
Poland = 13 May 2011
Sweden = 18 May 2011
Italy = 20 May 2011
Brazil = 1 June 2011
Spain = 3 June 2011
Mexico = 24 June 2011
Argentina = 29 June 2011
PLOT A man discovers that his best friend’s wife is having an affair.


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