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Snitch (2013) Storyline
A father goes undercover for the DEA in order to free his son who was imprisoned after being set up in drug deal.

Snitch (2013) movie details:


TITLE Snitch
YEAR 2013
DIRECTORS Ric Roman Waugh
WRITERS Justin Haythe
Ric Roman Waugh
STARS Dwayne Johnson
Susan Sarandon
Jon Bernthal
CAST Dwayne Johnson
Nadine Velazquez
Susan Sarandon
Jon Bernthal
Harold Perrineau
Michael Kenneth Williams
Barry Pepper
Benjamin Bratt
Melina Kanakaredes
Judd Lormand
Rafi Gavron
Kym Jackson
JD Pardo
Richard Cabral
James Allen McCune
ALSO_KNOWN_AS Cinkaroš = Serbia
El mensajero = Spain (imdb display title)
Muhbir = Turkey (imdb display title) (Turkish title)
Snitch – Infiltrado = Portugal (imdb display title)
RELEASE_DATE 22 February 2013
RELEASE_DATES Russia = 21 February 2013
USA = 22 February 2013
Estonia = 1 March 2013
Singapore = 7 March 2013
France = 13 March 2013
Greece = 14 March 2013
Portugal = 14 March 2013
Brazil = 15 March 2013
Belgium = 20 March 2013
Iceland = 22 March 2013
UK = 5 April 2013
Netherlands = 18 April 2013
Argentina = 25 April 2013
Australia = 9 May 2013
New Zealand = 9 May 2013
PLOT A father goes undercover for the DEA in order to free his son who was imprisoned after being set up in drug deal.


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