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Brother (2010) Storyline

Daniel’s an exceptional footballer, a striker. Julio’s the team’s captain, a born leader. They were raised as brothers and play football in their slum, La Ceniza. Daniel dreams to play professional football while Julio feeds the family with dirty money; he has no time to dream. The opportunity of their lives arrives when a football scout invites them to tryout with the city’s best team: Caracas Football Club. But tragedy strikes them. They must choose, on a dirty football pitch, what is more important: family, revenge or the dream of their lives. On this pitch, life is on the line


Brother (2010) Movie Details:

TITLE Brother
YEAR 2010
DIRECTORS Marcel Rasquin
WRITERS Rohan Jones
Marcel Rasquin
CAST Eliú Armas
Fernando Moreno
Beto Benites
Gonzalo Cubero
Marcela Girón
Jackson Gutierrez
Gabriel Rojas
Alí Rondon
STARS Eliú Armas
Fernando Moreno
Beto Benites
Gonzalo Cubero
Marcela Girón
PRODUCERS Enrique Aular
Alejandro Batista
Teresa Correa
Juan Antonio Diaz
Juan Carlos Echeandía
Rohan Jones
Liz Mago Bosch
Marcel Rasquin
José Vicente Scheuren
Fabiana Serfaty
MUSICIANS Rigel Michelena
EDITORS Carolina Aular
Juan Carlos Melian
RELEASE_DATE 2 July 2010
TAGLINE On this pitch… Life is on the line
PLOT Two young men who have been raised as brothers look to their soccer skills as a way of getting out of their slum. While a scout is in town, an act of violence threatens to tear them apart.



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